About Me


Elizabeth Corkum (AKA “Coach Corky”) is one of New York City’s top running coaches, personal trainers, and nutritionists. Whether you’re looking to run your first mile or your first marathon, Coach Corky will get you there with a solid plan and positive, supportive training. 

I love everything about running, and my passion for this sport has inspired first-timers as well as burnt-out veterans. Based in NYC, Central Park is my favorite place to train. I run in humid summer afternoons, snow, rain and everything in between. I’ve raced everything from a 5K to an ultramarathon, and appreciate the differences and challenges each distance presents it’s runners.

If you are looking to run your first 5K-marathon, eat healthier, lose weight, build muscle, sleep better, fit into those skinny jeans – we can get you there together. If you don’t think running is YOUR thing, we can find something fun that is! I am a firm believer that it is never too late to try something new. And it is definitely never too late to train for your first race.

I understand how intimidating the running world can be. Truth be told, I ran for the love of it but never raced for years because I was too intimidated. I will help calm your nerves, make you laugh, and tell you everything I can to prepare you for your race. Before you know it, not only will you be clocking some serious miles, you’ll understand race lingo – taper, tempo runs, chafing, splits, and more!

Come on. Get off the couch, lace up those shoes and let’s go run!