Goal Evaluation and Assessment
$100.00/in person
$75.00/via phone or webcam

To help you achieve your goals and create a training plan specifically designed for you, it’s necessary for us to become acquainted. This is extremely important for running newbies and marathon newbies. Whatever your skill level, this is an important part of the training process.

We will meet in person or by phone or webcam, and:

  • Get acquainted. It’s important to know each other. Different personalities require different kinds of coaching and motivation.
  • Establish your goals.
  • Discuss your running experience, fitness level, and injury history.
  • Review basic nutrition, hydration, gadgets, shoes and more. (We’ll dig further into this in the course of your training).
  • Discuss how much time and energy you have to train; this will help me create your plan.
  • Discuss how strength training, cross training and any other sport can aid your running goals.
  • Find a way to keep you focused.  No matter how ambitious your goal, hard work and running should be fun!


Personalized Training Program
Rates available upon request 

Based on the information gathered in our Assessment, I will create a plan personalized for you. This plan will factor in your fitness level, time for training, and your distance and pace goals. Each race presents a different challenge, and requires different preparation.

This program is great for first-time runners, or newbies to the Half- or Full Marathon distance. We will get you to race day focused, strong, and ready to do your thing.

This Program includes:

  • Customized training plans delivered weekly via Final Surge.
  • Tips, goals, and motivation.
  • Unlimited communication via email or phone.
  • Nutrition strategies–especially important before long runs and the big race.
  • Understanding of the three training cycles, recovery, and what to expect on race day.
  • How to taper and use race weekend to your advantage.

*This service requires the Goal Evaluation and Assessment. I cannot create a training plan for you without knowing you!

$100/hour (between 7am-4pm)

$150/hour (runs starting between 5am-7am, and 5-9pm on weekdays)

$175/hour (early-bird weekends: runs starting anytime before 8am)

Want your coach to pace you through that long run or race? I’ll stay with you through that grueling 20-mile training run, push you through a speed workout, or even your big race! I’ll help keep you focused and comfortable, help you refuel correctly, and see you to your final goal.

This is the most personal attention you can ask for, to help calm your nerves and keep you motivated when you begin to lose focus, energy or spirit.

  • We map a route together, and talk through a plan.
  • You receive one-on-one pacing and coaching from me during the race or training run. No one else will be joining us. This is YOUR time.
  • I will coach you in hydration, nutrition, and executing the plan we have made together.
  • We will run at YOUR pace, whether it’s a training pace or a race.
  • I’ll guide you through warm up, cool down, stretching, and answer any questions.

Please note that this service requires a one-hour minimum commitment and a minimum 24-hour booking notice. Reservations canceled with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded. *** Please keep an eye on the forecast. Unless conditions are dangerous (thunderstorms or extreme heat – over 90 degrees/cold – in the teens), I will consider us “on” unless you say otherwise.

If pacing is requested during a race, all entry fees travel expenses (if applicable), must be paid by the client. And yes, Coach Corky has a valid passport and travels to pace clients.

*This service requires the Goal Evaluation and Assessment.  I cannot pace you properly without knowing you.