Some words from recent clients Coach Corky has trained:

“I’ve been running for 15 years, and have had the honor to work with some excellent coaches.  Liz is in a league of her own.  Her training program helped me shave 21 minutes off my marathon PR, from 3:55 to 3:34.  She is an incredibly knowledgeable, caring, & attentive person.  She listens to you, understands what motivates you, then coaches you accordingly.  I really appreciated this one-on-one, personalized approach.   Whether you’re looking to train for your first race or break a PR, I’d recommend Liz to you with the highest confidence.”  – Phil Dumontet

“I can’t speak highly enough about Liz and her coaching services. She not only was there to give me training plans, but she supported, motivated, and inspired me throughout my marathon training. Liz provided immediate responses to my thousands of weekly questions, guided me with strategies and techniques, and became an essential part of my training. Her enthusiasm, positive energy, encouragement, athletic ability, and marathon expertise, gave me peace of mind and confidence with every run. Liz helped me accomplish a new PR on the run and I look forward to working with her again for my next marathon! I know that in the next race, she will push me and challenge me even more, to help me succeed with my new goal. I HIGHLY recommend Liz as a running coach — for anyone and everyone — no matter what experience or ability — she has the knowledge to push professional athletes and the ease and kindness to help beginners. She is a MUST to your running experience.”  – Yael Natori

“The New York City Marathon was my first marathon ever, and of course I was nervous. In the past, I’ve completed several half marathons, but a full 26.2 mile marathon was indeed a challenge. To prepare myself for the huge obstacle in front of me, I followed Liz’s training plan and was able to cross the finish line with a smile. Liz truly prepared me. Each week I received a work out plan with a new challenge and an inspirational message. Liz told me everything to expect (good, bad and ugly) which prepared me for the road (literally) ahead. On race day there were no surprises! I can’t say the others I’ve shared stories with felt the same way about their experience. During my training, Liz had an answer for every question I had- from mileage, to chafing, to what to wear and not to wear on race day.. you name it… she had an answer! Overall, Liz made my marathon so much easier than it would’ve been. She’s truly an inspiration and if you don’t believe me, check out her Facebook page! Thanks for everything Liz!” – Joyce Jelks

I highly recommend Elizabeth Corkum as a running and marathon training coach.  For 18 weeks, I trained with “Liz” after signing up with the RUN S.M.A.R.T. PROJECT marathon training program in order to complete my goal of completing my first marathon.  I was fortunate to have been placed in her group and could see major improvement in my speed and form due to the guidance she provided during the weekly group training runs.  As a coach, Liz is patient, extremely motivating, and utterly inspiring. As I ran my first marathon this past Sunday through the streets of NYC, I remembered Liz’s running tips and persevered thanks to what I learned from her throughout my training.  I can honestly say that I am proud of my finish time and my performance because of the training I had from Liz, given her dedication to the sport and her expertise. She is simply the best and based on my experience, can help anyone improve their running and help them attain their training goals. – Elena Viglianco-Espinosa
L.I.C., NY

I am still recovering from the awe and elation of finishing the TCS NYC Marathon. What an incredible experience it was to raise money for a wonderful charity and complete such a monumental task. I am certain that I would not have been able to do it without the coaching and support provided by Liz. Hundreds of training programs are available on the Internet. Nothing compares to the benefits of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Coach Corkum was more than that. She provided the workout schedules to get our lungs and legs conditioned but also, more importantly, the psychological and emotional support to ready our hearts and minds for the grueling course. In addition she passed on priceless pearls for race day: what to wear, fueling and hydration schedules, psychological tactics and countless other race day strategies. Perhaps most of all, Liz made the often difficult and usually painful and exhausting task of marathon training exciting and enjoyable. Her energy and enthusiasm is limitless. She seems to have a sixth sense in knowing exactly when to push and when to bestow a word of encouragement or support. I cannot recommend her highly enough! – Mark Buchsbaum

Thank you for being an awesome coach/therapist/slave driver.  We definitely couldn’t have done it without your guidance and encouragement.  On the shuttle from the ferry to the start village, there was a woman who was way underdressed and I offered her extra clothing and a garbage bag, and she was marveling at how well prepared I was and how I’d thought of everything.  I was like, “My coach went through everything I’d need to know.”  🙂 – Cat Pisacano

I want to thank you so much for being such an amazing coach — you inspire me and always made me feel like I was your most important client. Many blessings to you and continue doing what you do best — touching people’s life in an amazing inspiring way. Thank you again for all your guidance. I wish everyone runner had the opportunity to know you. – Ingrid Abad

Your training was instrumental to my success.  You responded to all my emails immediately with really well thought out advice and support. My best workouts were always Wednesday night as your enthusiasm brought me through. Also I really appreciate the fact that even if just one of us was there, you carried on with the training. Also, I honestly felt the greatest part of your training plan was mental. The advice to do the past 10 miles, do queensboro, get out of expo quickly- all this helped on that last mental stretch. I felt really prepared going into the race mentally on that front, and think it’s why I didn’t give up during the race- I wanted to walk so many times but I never did. Thanks so much for everything!! – Dara Blume

Thank you for being such an amazing trainer and supporter through the NYC Marathon training. I will never forget you helped me run the last 10 miles of the NYC marathon to see what to expect on marathon day, and it made such a big difference for my success during this marathon!!! When I got to mile 16, I felt confident enough to continue and finish the last 10 miles strong, because I had trained them with you! Thank you for being such an inspiration and for helping me achieve my goals and running dreams. I look forward to train with you for my next marathon and definitely for NYC marathon 2016! – Fernanda Gonzalez

I’ve trained with Coach Corky for the NYC Marathon two years in a row now. She took me from a non-runner to a sub four hour marathoner! Her plans and workouts will get you in the best best shape of your life and she’ll listen to all your needs. I’ll definitely be back for round three! – Caroline Schiff

I had an amazing experience working with Coach Liz training for the NYC Marathon. Her training methods got me to the starting line feeling strong, healthy, and energized to take on 26.2 miles without stopping. Coach Liz had easy-to-follow daily workouts which she worked with me on tailoring to my abilities. Each workout challenged and helped me meet milestones during my training and on race day; increasing my speed, endurance, and fitness. Above all, Coach Liz offered consistent, positive encouragement and feedback throughout my training journey that allowed me to accomplish goals I never thought possible. – Barbara Booras

We can’t thank you enough for being such and amazing inspiration to Shira. You have fueled her love for running and made the marathon possible for her. As you know, she could not have done it without you! We loved having you at our marathon celebration. It has been clear, since we met you, that you truly care about Shira. You are an amazing athlete, a great coach, and a very special person. With appreciation – Suzanne, Harry and Shira Engel